The Unthanks


Released 08/12/14

£8.99 (limited edition vinyl 10 inch)

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The first single shares its name with the album, but if you like it, Mount The Air, unlike most singles, is worth the buy because at less than half the length, its an entirely different piece to the album version, and it won't be available on the album. The limited edition vinyl 10 inch single features a demo version of Died For Love (full version on the new album) which is only available on this vinyl single.

When The Unthanks released Last in 2011, Uncut wrote that “The Unthanks seem to regard folk music the same way Miles Davis regarded jazz: as a launch pad for exploring the wider possibilities”. The Unthanks have taken that analogy a step further on Mount The Air, with a beautiful opening title track and single that has echoes of Miles Davis and Gill Evans in their Sketches of Spain period, and climaxes with a euphoria reminiscent of Arcade Fire or Elbow. Written by pianist and producer and husband of Rachel Unthank, Adrian McNally, Mount the Air is based on the themes of a one-verse traditional ditty, found in a book of Dorset songs in Cecil Sharp House by Becky Unthank, who co-writes some of the words with McNally. The piece features the playing of the world-class trumpet player, Tom Arthurs; a former BBC New Generation Artist and Elysian Quartet collaborator, now immersed in the Berlin improv scene. The video to Mount The Air is made by animator Nick Murray Willis, who was invited onto a BAFTA judging panel on the strength of his video for Last, by The Unthanks, in 2011.